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Our products are designed with flexible and robust architectures that allow us to customize each release according to customer's specific requirements.

Whether specific products built on demand, or "off the shelf" applications, we do have the solutions that fulfill your needs.

BlendysStore and BlendysClient are now available in AppStore.


Orvaal is engaged in Blendys project to develop the most advanced tracking and notification tool.

Blendys runs on smart phones and provides a large business community and their customers with an easy, fast and secure way to communicate. With a simple touch, every business unit can notify their customers instantly on their order completion:

  • Your car fixing/revision is done
  • The furniture you ordered arrived
  • Your laundries are ready
  • The jacket you ordered is ready

Blendys Enterprise is specifically designed to help mobile operators to notify their subscribers of any particular event. Every service, product and promotion campaign can be advertised in one go to millions of subscribers.

  • Bulk notification using a DB, MSISDN ranges or CSV files as input
  • Fully customizable notifications. The operator can compose notifications including logo, pics, text, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Embedded scheduler allowing the notifications to be planned ahead
  • Product rebranding according to operator’s specifics

Blendys Enterprise is the advanced tool that provides a high success rate of mass notification/advertisement. This is the advantage that any operator can take to move from classic advertisement using SMS, website, bus station posters, or TV spots towards the modern and efficient way that Blendys Enterprise provides.

Visit for more info. BlendysStore and BlendysClient are now available in App Store & Play Store.


Operator revenues from voice services have declined. Operators must explore opportunities for revenue creation in Multimedia and Value Added Services markets. Success here depends on the marketing strategy developed to push and sell (both existing and new) services. This must address the following challenges faced by operators:

  • How to increase awareness about operator's services and products?
  • What will be the right channel to be used as vehicle for marketing message?
  • How to develop efficient promotions?
  • How to accelerate the uptake of the service from the launch date?

These needs are addressed by Viral Marketing Master (VMM) developed by Orvaal.

Orvaal VMM develops the means for the operator to stimulate service usage though a natural social network. The VMM product allows the end user to recommend a service to which he is subscribed, to his friends and relatives. VMM also enables important data collection on user behaviour on which further targeted recommendations and promotions can be based.

VMM provides operators a marketing tool for person to person recommendation. If a large percentage of recipients notify their recommendation to a large number of friends, the overall growth snowballs very quickly and thus boosts service revenues. In addition to providing the most powerful form of marketing, VMM is also the least costly.

To achieve the business objectives, rewarding customers for referring operator services is also part of VMM solution.

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  • The Enterprise Platform for Integration & Connectivity is a robust middleware, flexible, scalable and customizable according to the specific needs of each peripheral system. Supports multiple technologies in terms for data flows across systems and data storage.
  • Supports the implementation of security in compliance with industry standards and specific requirements.
  • Can be implemented on Premise or on Cloud
  • Can be implemented on Orvaal Cloud or any cloud provider


Smart Object Listing is a next generation application, which enables the classification of different data objects and the establishment of business rules and process flows, in order to automate functionalities that enhance the capabilities of existing BSS/OSS infrastructure.

  • Customer black listing (Churn, Fraud, Dunning, etc.)
  • Device black listing (e.g. Mobile Devices, SIM Cards, CPE, IMEI, etc.)
  • Automated update and notification
  • Compliance with Local Regulation
  • Compliance with Company policies and processes
  • Automated and on demand reporting
  • Report scheduling
  • Reporting for DWH
  • Notifications and process flow setup
  • Custom configuration of lists and processes
  • OOB Data cleansing and Archiving
  • Cleansing scheduling
  • API and file based integration for internal systems (BSS/OSS)
  • Integration with third party systems and central databases
  • GUI for configuration and administration


Mobile matching is a huge market with many web based and mobile apps available. Dallya is s the only application with indoor localization and proximity awareness. It is designed to also work at indoor locations where classic applications would fail.

Dallya is the application that will help you best in finding your match no matter where you are, at the shopping centre, in bars, clubs, cinemas, or theatres.

The users tell Dallya who they are looking for, and as soon as Dallya finds a match in the vicinity, it notifies the user, and it offers the possibility to start chatting.

At any point in time, the user can go invisible. The users of Dallya will always be anonymous and their privacy will stay intact.

Main features

  • Indoor & outdoor instant scanning
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Easy setup and use

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