Our services have proved to be a differentiating factor offering expertise in latest technology and rapid project execution at advantageous cost.

Orvaal works with global companies and provides them with outsourced software services spanning over complete life cycle of products and applications.

Dedicated teams are focused on Technology areas which enable Orvaal to build high competency in each distinct development architecture.

On site Project and Program Managers are available to interact closely with our clients. The on site team members ensure optimal communication maintained for successful project delivery.

Software development services are undertaken offshore and high quality solutions and support is provided to customers through development process, utilizing cost-effective methods.


Orvaal is specialized in taking full responsibility for developing and maintaining entire applications. Our services include development of new applications, maintenance, support and upgrade of existing applications, porting applications to new platforms.

Customer requirements are analyzed and translated into technical solutions that are integrated as part of the existing system architecture.

As a dedicated service company, Orvaal has an extensive track record in performing high quality applications development for:

  • E-Business solutions offered to customers for business functions
    integration through a common platform.
  • Web enabled application.

Orvaal provides high quality application management and maintenance services remotely for both in-house and third party applications. This enables our customers to save costs on local resource utilization. The necessary infrastructure is provided by either tailoring/upgrading the existing or by brand new set-up that meets customer demands and respects the SLA.

To each customer are assigned dedicated teams of experts coordinated exclusively to perform:

  • Maintenance and Enhancements activities
  • Perform upgrades and apply changes
  • Perform migrations on demand or as part of scheduled projects
  • Administration and routine tasks
  • Application capacity & performance monitoring
  • Load balancing and system configuration optimization
  • Bug detection and fixing
  • Produce and update technical documentation
  • Customer communication
  • 24x7 monitoring and single point of contact support


Orvaal maintains in house expertise in data handling and analytics. We enable our clients to collect, clean, analyze, and process information from all available sources to help answer specific questions and find solution to specific problems. We utilize state of the art techniques and technologies in AI and predictive analytics to allow our clients to enhance their product, improve their customer care, increase revenues, and increase competitiveness.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the enterprise data landscape
  • Propose potential infrastructure and architecture solutions for data collection and handling
  • Develop and promote specific toolsets for data collection, analytics and reporting